Language Learning Workbooks

Spanish for Travellers I Workbook

Author: Ioana Dimitriu, PhD

Upcoming (2020)

Books for Children in Orthodox Christian Missions

in English, Spanish, French, and Romanian


  • The Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha. Activity Book for Children, 2017. Available on
  • The Twelve Feasts of the Orthodox Church. Activity Book for Children. Second English Edition, 2017. Available on
  • The Creed Explained. Brief Introduction to the Teaching of the Orthodox Church with Activities for Teenage Readers, 2016. Available on
  • The Twelve Feasts of the Orthodox Church. Activity Book for Children. First Edition available in Spanish, English, French, and Romanian, 2015. Contact us at SpanishForTravellers[at] to order.

  Details on our Orthodox Books for Children are available Here.

  Resources and Answer Keys

  Download drawing corresponding to the Feast of the Nativity of Virgin Mary

Orthodox Theological Writings in Translation

   Upcoming Titles
  • Man, A Unique Becoming [Cultura duhului], by Hieromonk Rafail (Noica). Translated from Romanian.
  • Hacerse humano [Becoming Human], by Fr. John Behr.
  • Ortodoxia y catolicismo: ¿cuáles son las diferencias? [Orthodoxy and Catholicism: What Are the Differences?] by Fr. Theodore Pulcini.

Children's Books Written by Children

  • Journey to the Palace. A Story for Young Children. 2016

     When Janina Winnicki, at age 11, won the Literacy Award at St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School in Ottawa for her first published story, we decided to begin publishing fiction written by children and teens. The aim is to encourage young readers to expand their horizon by reading, and to tune their linguistic and creative abilities by writing.

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